Monday, October 14, 2013


Hours of Darkness

     I remember longer nights and starry skies. The darkness competed with the stars and sandy streets beckoned my bare feet. We had no electricity, so we sat outside with our wrappers wrapped around our necks as we used the bottom to beat away the buzzing mosquitoes. Our bodies on wooden benches took in the light breeze that swayed the coconut trees. I sat there with my head in my hand and wondered whether justice served the poor or were we excluded from the benefits that it supposedly possessed.
     I saw a man burn today, his flesh burnt to ash, as he joined his ancestors in the land of the dead.  “Thief, thief, thief!” his judges screamed as they threw the tire over him and poured the kerosene, with a stroke of their match, he was sentenced to death. If it was just why did I sit there with my hand in my head as the image played over in my mind? I have no answer to this question but no one does. I’ve been told that everyone reaps what they sow and bad men get punished for their action. I could not swallow the pill this new lesson handed me; instead I sat with my hand in my head and stared into the darkness of the starry sky.
     Besides the buzzing mosquitoes and the beating wrappers the compound remained silent…
          -Eta Oyarijivbie  

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