Monday, February 24, 2014


Good morning English readers, writers, and future teachers!

Well, there’s no longer any use denying it. The semester is in full swing. All the winter holidays have passed, the chance of a snow day is dwindling away to (hopefully) nothing, and those daunting syllabi that stared you down a month ago have merged and transformed themselves into one constant stream of work that you are somehow managing to navigate. Opportunities for a reprieve seem remote, but the one good thing about being swallowed in the timelessness of toil (apart from fulfillment, achievement, blah blah blah) is that the cold, dark days slip by all the faster. The hours march toward… March, and the mythic spring break beyond. Before you know it we’ll be there, but before you give in to daydreams of April 14, here are some other dates and events to keep in mind:

 The English Majors’ Counseling Office (that’s us) will be hosting an open mic on Thursday March 6th. It’s open to poetry, prose, and performance from any student. A sign-up sheet is posted on the door of 3416 Boylan, so don’t forget to add your name!

The deadline to file for graduation is March 14, so make sure to get your paperwork in on time, unless you want to add another minor.

Ploughshares is hosting an Emerging Writer’s Contest, with $1,000 prizes in Fiction, Poetry, and Nonfiction. Submissions will be accepted from March 1st-15th, with a $24 entry fee that includes a one-year subscription to the magazine.

Nimrod International Journal is hosting The Katherine Anne Porter Prize for Fiction, and The Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry, with $2,000 for 1st prize, and $1,000 for 2nd. Submissions are due by April 30th, with a $20 entry fee that includes a one-year subscription to the journal.

If you are a Sophomore or a Junior who can establish both merit and need, you should apply for the Karel Rose Scholarship by April 11th to receive up to $2,000 for your remaining years at BC. You can pick up an application in 2111 James Hall.

The English Majors’ Counseling Office is also accepting admissions  to The Junction, our annual literary magazine. So if you have poetry, prose, or visual art that you would like to submit, send it to bczinesubmissions[at]gmail[dot]com!

Lastly, feel free to come by Boylan 3416 for more information on any of these opportunities, or answers to any of your English majory questions.


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