Monday, February 17, 2014

Uva Wine Bar

This family owned upper east side establishment, is located on second avenue, between east 77th and 78th street. If you're looking for an affordable, authentic Italian dining experience, then I recommend Uva Wine Bar. This place is awesome, and here is why: Every Monday after Eleven o'clock, they have what they call "Meatball Mondays" at Uva. They serve a variety of different meat ball dishes, including a vegetarian option (Which is delish!). The staff is very friendly and inviting, and the ambiance is super cozy and warm. The dim lighting and tiny candles tucked away in the brick mortar, sets the mood for an intimate date. I, however, enjoy coming here solo to write.

Although Uva has some seriously delicious options on their menu, I usually order their Polenta Tartufata and their Gnocchi di ricotta. I love both of these dishes because they both have black truffles incorporated in the sauces. The Polenta Tartufata, is a ball of fresh polenta that is stuffed with ribiola cheese, and then drizzled in a creamy black truffle sauce. The flavour is very bold, earthy, and rich and the sauce tastes amazing on their warm, home-made bread. What's even more amazing, is that this dish only costs nine dollars.

For a main course, I recommend the Gnocchi di ricotta. Unlike traditional Gnocchi, they make theirs with sheep's ricotta. In doing so, the texture of the gnocchi is lighter, and smoother. The Gnocchi di ricotta is tossed in a black truffle and chive cream sauce, and topped with shaved Parmesan. A half order of this dish also costs only nine dollars. Both of these dishes are pretty heavy, so they pair well with a nice glass of prosecco or Pino Grigio. Bon appetit!


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