Monday, March 3, 2014

Def Jam Poetry

I remember my first time at the Nuyorican Poets Café. The café was dimly lit with blue, red and yellow lights. A stage was set. The little space was filled with laughing faces and glowing eyes. It was my first time at an Open Mic Night and everything felt right. Every poem made me feel welcomed. The Veterans spoke with such power and understanding, that they felt like wise older siblings with more experience and the virgins, I could relate to; like them it was my first time, yet, they were brave enough to perform.

It was a night I’ll never forget. And it is the reason why I watch spoken word performances on YouTube. I spend hours in the world of Def Jam poetry. I Listen to poets vent about things that plague their minds. I watch; humored, angered, saddened, and reminiscent. I feel what they feel and I'm inspired.

Mayda Del Valle “Elemental” hits the spot. This poem talks about my relationship issues. Always falling in love, out of love and in love again. It's hilarious. I remember those never lasting meant to last forever relationships. I left one, swore never to return, only to find myself back there again.

Like Mayda, I just had to have it! I was addicted smh (shaking my head).

I love spoken word poetry and I know that somewhere out there I have fellow spoken word poetry lovers. The soulful culture races through our veins, the words lay dormant, ignited in a rant. Anyone with me?

- Eta Oyarijivbie

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