Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Diving Deep

Diving Deep

Behold... Son Doong! The Largest Cave on Record

Son Doong or “Mountain River Cave” in Vietnam is the largest cave on record, stretching down five and half miles containing its own river and jungle. To put it into a NYC perspective, a 40 story skyscraper could fit inside this cave. The entrance was discovered in 1991 by a local man, but it was not explored in its entirety until 2009 when a team of British cave research scientists came to Vietnam. For $3,000 (which I don’t think includes airfare) and the guts to repel 265 feet into a cave's belly, you too can go on a spectacular spelunking expedition and soak up nature’s incredible achievements hidden away inside this cave. If you’re feeling generous take me along with you.

This giant stalagmite is called The Hand of Dog

Son Doong’s waterfalls are home to several previously unknown plant species and the walls are loaded with rare cave pearls. The cave's researchers are still uncertain as to the river's source and its exploration goes on.

To think we have people who seriously think about colonizing the Moon or Mars when we are still only scraping the surface of Earth’s many mysteries...



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