Monday, September 8, 2014

Michael Che Announced as New SNL Weekend Update Anchor

It was announced this past Firday that Michael Che will be the new anchor for Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update segment. The job has been an enviable launching pad for a few comedians over the decades, including Chevy Chase, Norm MacDonald, Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, and most recently Seth Meyers. However, Michael Che will be the first African American comedian to hold the position, which offers as a welcome respite for the venerated comedy program, having suffered years of criticism for its lack of diversity within the cast and writing staff.

The hiring of Che comes at a pivotal moment in American History, as the long churning prejudices that have lurked under the surface of society have been exposed after to the heart-breaking events of Ferguson, MO. Indeed, the sharp, thoughtful voice of Michael Che’s comedy will be a welcome addition to the stable of legendary SNL Weekend Update anchors.

As a comedy geek, however, there are even greater reasons to rejoice about the news that Che will be setting up shop behind the anchor desk. Anyone who has kept an ear to the ground of the New York comedy scene will tell you that Michael Che has sprung to the top of the A-list with remarkable speed. He has only been a correspondent for The Daily Show for the three months, but has become a stand-out member of the cast. His laconic delivery paired with his razor sharp social observations have made Che a comedic juggernaut.

As a correspondent on The Daily Show, Che has displayed an ability to excoriate the racial status quo in America without coming off as shrill or ham-fisted. There is no doubt that his nuanced, yet side achingly hilarious approach to comedy will make not just a welcome addition to the Weekend Update chair, but a vital one.

Check out a couple of clips of the man at work:

Justin Gray

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