Monday, December 8, 2014

Currently Eating: Lark Cafe

Located near Church avenue and Coney Island, this coffee shop is my go to spot almost vey morning after dropping my child off to school. Not only do they make great coffee, but they outsource baked goods from reputable   local bakeries, i.e., Ovenly, Dough, four and twenty blackbirds pies, terrace bagels etc.One of my favourite foods to order is their broccoli quiche (made at the Four and Twenty bakery). The crust is flaky and buttery, and the filling is savory and delicate. Lark also sells an array of unique donuts, the most popular flavour being the hibiscus donut.

 Gluten free? Dairy free? Don't fret. Lark sells it all. Seriously. They also serve wine and beer if caffeine is not your thing. Lark Cafe is a warm and inviting place, and is very community oriented, they have music oriented programs for toddlers, and they promote community based events and businesses at their establishment. Their staff is friendly and diverse, and the environment is spacious and quiet enough to get work done if needed. Please take the time to check this place out, and don't forget to ask for a stamp card. Tenth drink is on the house!

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