Monday, December 8, 2014

Greetings 12.8.14

Well friends, things are coming to a close. Break out the sweatpants, no need to shave anymore. But a few announcements first:
  • CUNYFIRST is the worst.
  • It’s just bad.
  • Srsly.
  • It’s cold outside.
  • CUNYFIRST probably did that.
  • CUNYFIRST is still the worst.
Frustrated students will still be coming in and asking questions, so let’s all remember these facts, and remind ourselves who the real enemy is.

Finals will run from Dec 17 – Dec 23, so here’s a handy little chart for when your exams will be. Incidentally, does anyone know how to actually read that handy little chart? No? Excellent.

Oh and please start mentioning The Junction in all your classes and to everyone on the subway. They really like it when you get right in their face and ask them for stuff. And be sure to mention that we’re looking for visual art as well as poetry and short fiction.


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