Monday, February 16, 2015

Currently Reading: The Angel Hair Anthology

Hey Boylan Readers! Happy Monday and enjoy the chilly day off from school. Hopefully you guys will **try** to be productive today and during this polar vortex of a week we’re having. Midterms are approaching! I’m joking (somewhat).
But, writers!!!! Please do get ready for our open mic happening February 24th! Whether you’re a poet, fiction writer, playwright, singer, etc. All performed work is welcome. The actual event will take place in the Brooklyn College Library auditorium on the first floor. The sign up sheet is posted outside of the English Counseling office. I’m so excited to see what Brooklyn College students have for us this semester so stay tuned!
Speaking of some poetry~ this week I’ve been cooped up in my apartment despising and refusing to face the cold, so I’ve happily immersed myself in a great poetry anthology and loads of coffee. The ANGEL HAIR anthology , edited by Anne Waldman and Lewis Warsh, was a wonderful companion during these dreary, wind swept past few days. The anthology was published by Granary Books (NYC) in 2001.
The anthology includes a great variety of known and obscure poets such as Frank O’Hara, Aram Saroyan, Ted Berrigan, David Rosenburg, and many more. During my reading I was very drawn to the pieces by Frank O’Hara. The anthology contains writings form the late 60’s to early 70’s, and many of the poets were affiliated with the late St. Marks Poetry Project. At the very end of the wonderfully fun anthology, there’s a collection of author memoirs. Reading these excerpts paired with the authors' poetry was an amazing experience.
The correlation between the poet’s work and their lives is such a beautiful thing to witness and try to map together throughout history. I had never come across many of the names in this anthology, so it gave me plenty of new potential reading material.
There were a few of the poems that I was incredibly drawn to, so I’ll go into one for a moment.
SELF by Larry Fagin is a piece of a larger poem entitled, Twelve Poems.

“In my pale
is a grim

but I have
to laugh.

My arm
Is a bone-


A red
Tin pan
Of tan




“When my head
goes too fast
I get out
And walk.”

“The evil eye
is ridiculous,
but it exists.”

This poem in its broken down syntax and simplicity speaks volumes to me. I am amazed by its depth and intensity despite its quiet nature. This poem, among others, chose to go to realms of poetry that I had not known existed before. I encourage this read so much. To anyone even vaguely interested in poetry, you will think about something you haven’t before, and probably be moved in your personal writing as well.
Check it out guys!!
Much love,


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