Monday, February 23, 2015

Greetings! 2.23.15

Welcome, English majors! We are the only subset of people who recognize the acronym "DFW" as "David Foster Wallace" and not "Dallas Fort Worth."

(This made for a very confusing SXSW this year, as they're featuring a movie based on DFW's life, and more than one English major had a layover at DFW. Head-scratching and confusion in spades!)

Please don't run away. I promise, there's good stuff here. 

  • The English Department Open-Mic is February 24, 12:15-2:15. Sign ups are on the door of Boylan 3416
  • Please! Submit your poem or prose for The Junction. Send submissions to It's a PUBLISHING CREDIT, English majors. PUBLISH OR PERISH. *that sounds much more ominous in bold and all-caps.
  • PLEASE Submit to 2014-2015 CUNY/Labor Arts Contest by March 2nd. They're accepting submissions in fiction, non-fiction, poetry and visual art, the only caveat being that the pieces have something to do with labor or labor issues. For more details, check out $1000 dollar prize, AND A PUBLISHING CREDIT. *seriously cannot stress the importance of this enough.
So, all good things, all good things. 

Except the snow. The snow can go away now. 

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