Monday, March 2, 2015

Canvas 3.2.15

So there I was, strolling through the Internet, when I came across this beautiful blog, Art by Spongebob, dedicated to the skillful, brilliant and often downright creepy painted stills that made one of the weirdest shows of my childhood just a bit weirder. I'm pretty sure I watched Spongebob every day of my young life, and among the hundreds of episodes of nautical nonsense, these particular frames really stood out. Though the painted stills depicted really anything going on in the show, the ones that I remember the most are those that were a little shocking and a little scary, and always done with a vivid artistic style that I appreciated even then. No matter how silly or absurd, it's real art.

Here are some of my favorites:

The one where Spongebob and Patrick thought they visited an alien planet

The one where Spongebob was really, really thirsty

"Does this look unsure to you?"
A dead health inspector
And the nasty patty that killed him

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