Monday, March 30, 2015

Currently Eating

Hello Readers!!

I am currently eating a delicious slice of pizza from Rosco's pizza on Franklin Avenue in crown heights.
Rosco's has arguably some of the best pizza I have come across, with a low price to add to its appeal. It has an eclectic blue, wire exterior- placed on the corner of Franklin Avenue. It has a good amount of outdoor bar seating as well.
And in the summer time, the windowed walls open up and allow the summer air inside. Beautiful vibes.
Rosco's also has a good variety of slices you can buy right away, otherwise you can order your own specialty pizzas (which are usually more expensive, but with more delicious toppings). They also serve a dangerously delicious lasagna, rice balls, garlic and cheese knots...oh, and beer.
The pizza I decimated yesterday was an olive, mushroom, bacon, capers combination.
It was almost too good to be true... check it out guys!!


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