Monday, March 30, 2015

Currently Listening 3.30.15

There are a lot of great songs out there, and there are a lot of terrible songs out there, so for this week I chose a hilarious song that makes fun of the terrible songs. Bo Burnham is a comedian who uses music in his act and his show what. is great (and on YouTube!). I like this song because he's right about everything: I hate repetition in songs and I know that these singers are saying these ridiculous things to get girls to adore them and I fall for it every time. On New Year's Eve One Direction performed, and one of them (not even the cute one that broke everyone's heart, one of the ugly ones) sang something like "I love how you drink tea every night." And I thought to myself, I drink tea every night. Yeah, I, and a million other people. It means nothing! But that's the first thing I thought, and I was ashamed. Luckily, this song is also very catchy and I feel much better about waking up with this stuck in my head.

BOnus Point: Justin Bieber was in the audience at this show and was very offended by this song. And anything that offends Justin Bieber is fine by me.     

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  1. Bo Burnham is amazing! He always amuses me with his songs! Amazing skill to combine humor, parody and talent. You cheered me up! You write perfectly - the blog is filled with many interesting articles. Thank you.