Monday, March 16, 2015

Currently Listening

Hello Boylan Readers!

For this week's blog and column, Currently Listening, I hoped to discuss what I'm so happily currently listening to. I am blaring Amy Winehouse through my speakers and I am over joyous about it. She has been one of my greatest musical influences for a long time now, and hearing her makes me incredibly nostalgic, heartbroken, and inspired all at once.

Here are a few songs I am incredibly interested in. And those that have shaped me for the better as a musician and poet as well. Winehouse is incredibly tortured and brilliant because of it. Anyone going through pain or despair can relate effortlessly to her skill and emotion as an artist.

Her deep voice characterizes her vocals and gives her an almost other worldly sound. She also holds that sweet British tang in her music that I find so appealing. She is beautiful and appealing as many pop singers tend to be, yet there is an element of the surprising and disturbed within her style. She is unafraid to be unique, possessive, and quit a bit neurotic. This neuroticism makes her human as an artist, and makes me desire to listen to her.

    A lot of Winehouse's work is acoustic, and very rarely is it overly produced. Her voice holds imperfections, of course, but at the least they seem to add to her smoky sound. Please give her a few listens, as I'm sure you have before. :)

As an artist and young adult, it comes as no surprise that Amy was a very troubled individual. She struggled with addiction, depression, and a few other things throughout her life as a musician and writer. She was incredibly popular within the UK and the United States, winning the 2007 Brit  Female Musician award. She was very well known for her deep, "blue eyed soul" voice.  And her beautiful, pain stricken lyrics. Her lifestyle did spark a lot of controversy for her whether it was for her eating disorders, her impulse  control, etc. She got a lot of critique. But her music spoke for itself. She was GREATLY talented.
I'll share a couple more videos:)

Why did she have to leave us so early? It's a shame Amy Winehouse isn't here to create with us anymore :( Winehouse overdosed at the young age of 27, and now exists within her lyrics and our imaginations. I hope her memory lives on for years and years in the minds of later generations.

Annaliisa :)

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