Monday, March 23, 2015

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Prepare yourselves, because I'm about to drop some knowledge on you: I, Courtney Takats, have little to no attention span. I know this probably comes as a shock to everyone, so I'll let a moment pass so it can sink in. Okay, moment's over. Now, the main problem with having no attention span is (I'm going to start this sentence over because I had a sentence in mind to write and then Kyle came back to the apartment and I got distracted - thus proving my above point? (And now Kyle suggested we make tea and that I demonstrate the way my brain works throughout this post and I think that's an awesome idea (Side note [actually the main point of this post]: I watched this short film the other day and it was stellar. The coolest part about short films is that they're accessible to people who don't normally watch films, either because said person makes sure their schedule is full every second of the day {i.e., me} or because they don't have the extended focus for an entire movie {also me}.

(Side note 2: Genius idea: a "gotta jet" pack [a jetpack combined with a camping kit] (I should probably get back to the short film thing. So this film, called "The Gunfighter" is so very meta, and after all isn't that what we English majors eat up? (Fun fact: for quite a long time, I denied how much I enjoy postmodernism - until I realized it's the majority of what I like.) It centers on all the usual tropes of western stories, including the narrative voiceover. But what would happen if all the characters could hear the voiceover? (Watch this short to find out!) That last parenthetical statement right there perfectly demonstrates the beauty of short films. You need only spare a few minutes of your time to get the whole story (This is especially good for me, because I can't even commit to a favorite color [it's usually narrowed down to purple or green, unless I'm in a turquoise kind of mood]). I have this fascination with single scoop friends (strangers met for a one-time conversation, never to be seen again [insert suspenseful music here]) and short films are the cinematic equivalent.

(Side note 3: I don't know if paragraph breaks are allowed without closing the parentheses, but I've been doing it so I think I'm just going to continue [Also, this is unrelated but I used {I don't know why this is currently on my mind but whatever} to romanticize peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, because they were [to me, at least] a rite of passage to being a child and I had never had one. I mentioned this to my friend recently and he's been determined to make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich [I think I'm okay with it]]). The most exciting part about this short film is that it's not only meta and eight minutes long (both huge selling points), but it manages to paint a picture of the entire world of the film in a short amount of time without leaving the watcher unsatisfied and wanting "more." It's just enough. And that's beautiful (know what else is beautiful? Cherry blossoms when they first bloom [I'm apparently growing sunflowers with my friend this spring and we're doomed from the start but I'm really excited (Last side note: I just muttered aloud to myself: "what the hell, Courtney?" so thanks for taking this ride with me.]))))))) that it's hard to focus.

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