Monday, March 16, 2015

Greetings 3.16.15

Don'tcha just want to smush his li'l face? I'm a huge believer in starting and ending the day by looking at adorable things, with a healthy smattering of cuteness throughout the day to treat yo'self. And even without doing that, there's so much splendid stuff happening/going to happen! So good morning, all; let's take a second to bask in how warm the world is now and how delicious thai iced tea is and how banana-tattooing is a thing that exists and how excited we all are to put together the Junction. Oh, what was that? Did someone mention the Junction?

YES. The deadline for submitting to the Junction is March 20, so be sure to submit and tell your friends/peers/people-who-are-at-that-awkward-in-between-of-nodding-in-the-hallway-and-having-a-conversation-with-you/colleagues to submit. Submissions of fiction should be at most 4 pages, and up to 4 poems can be submitted. Seriously. Tell everyone!

The Lily Pond Open Mic is officially planned for April 30, from 12:30-2:15, around (obviously) the lily pond on campus between the library and New Ingersoll. It's going to be swell; start getting excited for it now!!!! (Note: once someone said that people who use more than three exclamation points are unstable - thoughts?)

Aaaaaaand now I'm going to leave you with proof of banana tattoos because they're mind-blowing and I totally want to try it. (I've seen those bananas you have on our counter, Kyle)

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