Monday, March 23, 2015

Greetings 3.23.15

Greetings English Majors, Brooklyn College students, and future persons who are reading this blog! (I am happy that Beyonce is America's first female African American President, but I still find it odd that she ran as Sasha Fierce. So, is she President Fierce or President Knowles? Perhaps this all makes more sense in your time.)

Winter still has us in his steely grip, but just this morning I heard a songbird warbling outside my window signaling to Spring that it was safe to emerge from her hibernation and bring unto the world the full bounty of nature's delights. Okay, so what I actually heard was a pigeon coughing up a cigarette butt, but still: I think Spring is finally here, guys!

Speaking of summer registration (uh, I failed my Intro to Segues class), Cunyfirst went live this past Wednesday, so if you are planning on taking summer classes, make sure to sign up ASAP. Take a look at the Summer 2015 Course Catalog here.

That's it for now, folks! We hope that all of your semesters are going well and if not, feel free to swing by Boylan 3416 to gripe or just lay low. And in keeping with last week's cute theme, for the first time in 20 years, researchers have been able to document the existence of this lil' guy:

It's called an ili pika, a kind of rabbit/teddy bear hybrid. The creature was first discovered over twenty years ago in the Tianshan mountains in Northwestern China and only 29 people have reported seeing one since. Anyway, it is cute and I want to pet it and give it a kiss on the nose. 

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