Monday, March 9, 2015

Greetings! 3.9.15

Right now we are in a grey area as far as seasons go. Winter is trying to stay relevant with its
quickly diminishing brown and black snow mounds that line the sidewalks, while the 
temperature outside is beckoning all the flowers and the trees to wake the hell up and represent 
Spring. I don't know about you, but my body is ready for tons of rain, humidity, allergies and 
Important dates to remember, and upcoming events:

- March 9th (today): The Nuyorican Poets will be performing in the Woody Tanger auditorium 
from 340 pm- 610 pm. We encourage everyone to come out and support these wonderful 
spoken word artists. If you're a poet or interested in spoken word, this is a great opportunity to 
be inspired.

- March 13th is the deadline for the English Department Awards. All entries must be submitted under pen names and along with the name of the contest you are applying for. You can always stop by the English office in 2308 Boylan, or the English Major's Office  located in 3416 Boylan, for any inquiries. Here is a list highlighting a few of the contests offered:
  • The Benard Grebanier Award for a sonnet written to the Italian (Petrarchan) or English (Shakespearean) pattern.
  • The Dorothy B. Jervis Award for Science Writing (awarded to undergraduate students who have submitted the best essay on a scientific subject written in language accessible to the lay reader).
  • The Randolph Goodman Shakespeare Essay Award (for an excellent undergraduate essay on any aspect of Shakespeare's writing).
  • Brooklyn College Journalism Program Award for Feature Writing (awarded for excellence in feature writing; contact English office for details), Brooklyn College Journalism Program Award for In-depth reporting ( awarded for excellence in in-depth reporting; see English office for details).
  • The Bertha and Phillip Goodman Short Story Award (to the three undergraduate students who write the best short stories in a contest conducted by the English Department).
  • Goodman Short Story Award (awarded for stories submitted to a contest conducted by the English Department).
  • The Katherine Rose Phillips Memorial Award for Fiction (to a work of unconventional or genre-bending fiction).
  • The Corinne Steel Prize for the Outstanding Senior Thesis in English Honors (a prize for a thesis written in English 5103 or English 5105. Deadline for this prize is Wednesday, April 22, 2015).
  • The English Award in Poetry Exegesis for the best explication of a selected poem in a contest conducted by the English Department. (The contest will take place on Wednesday, March 18th, 2:15-4:15 in 2307 Boylan; please ask English Department)
  • The Dean Myrtle Saxe Jacobson Award in Expository Prose (for students in English 1010 or 1012 who writes the best expository prose essay in a contest conducted by the English Department; Tuesday, March 17th, 12:30- 2:15 in the Barker Room).
  •  There are several more contests and scholarships offered by the English Department, so don't forget to stop by to pick up a flyer with the full list.
- We are currently accepting submissions to our annual literary magazine, The Junction. Please submit your poetry, prose, short stories (fiction and non-fiction), and visual artworks to our email address,, or you could drop off a hard copy at the English Major's Office in 3416 Boylan. We are looking forward to receiving your work!

When I was a child, spring used to be my favorite season. I loved the rain and the almost perfect temperature that came along with the season. As an adult, spring has become synonymous with pollen, sneezing and Zyrtec; however, I still can't deny that it is by far the most beautiful season of them all.

Love and light,

P.s. Haiku

The backdrop of frost
A lone daffodil conducts
Winter's Requiem

by Sean Kelly

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