Monday, March 9, 2015

Magic Hat

Hi Guys!!
So for Magic Hat this week I decided to share a short poem I've been working on and workshopping.

I hope you enjoy it:)


Today I found a roach's maniacal, paralyzed corpse lying on the drain of my bathtub
who do you belong to?

                               why did you choose right here to come and die?

why did you choose to come here and die?

street echoes proverbs and horns between my window cracks

under warm, monocled tiles

sensations dripping - phrases lost in the undercurrent of conversation

a presence I cannot see swells deep

in my surged bones

with pleasant dissociation of character

blessed ignorance of time and lack of space

The loneliness of a long, bruised afternoon

develops a face

an expression that floats above me in my slumber

Perhaps he's watching my ever intensifying death tolls

as I toy with still death and still life

as i'm mixing watercolors in the morning

Spooning carcinogens into my breakfast coffee

The crackling of the voice on the telephone stirs my

thoughts. And I awake again.


Thanks guys, I hoped you enjoyed the read.


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