Monday, March 2, 2015

Poem of the Week 3.2.15

This week, I was following a twitter feed between Sam Sykes and his readers. He was discussing a blog post he wanted to publish, but hesitated to do so because he was afraid of the possible fallout by the same misogynists that propagated the idea of doxing the victims of the GamerGate scandal. 

See below:

And I thought, well, damn. I really wish he just hit "publish." Like it or not, women still need male feminist allies who are willing to raise their voices on our behalf. It's one of those "sad but true" realities that wends its way around a social subconscious.

Hence the poem above. After hours more of reading about GamerGate than I ever wanted to inhale into the depths of my psyche, I wanted to raise hell. Hell, I just wanted to raze something. This poem, with all of its angst and honesty, gave me a brief reprieve, and a chest full of "YES! THAT! GAH!!!!"

Cat B.

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