Monday, April 13, 2015

Canvas 4.13.15

Am I really going to talk about a painter who is already super renown? Yeah, sorry. But I have a really really really soft spot for Vincent van Gogh, and pretty much anyone with a similar story. Do you know his story? It's sad, dude.

Everyone is familiar with this painting. Not everyone is familiar with the fact that he painted it at an asylum. Following a psychotic episode that resulted in the mutilation of his left ear, he voluntarily admitted himself. He painted the view from the window of his cell at least 21 times. The painting has been praised for its color use, composition, the bold strokes of the brush, signature of Van Gogh. But what makes this painting so remarkable is much less superficial.

Van Gogh's psychosis may have given him insight to a natural phenomenon called turbulence, which modern scientists still don't understand. The shapes present in several of his works that were painted when he was the least mentally stable suggest a frightfully raw view of the world not available to him during his more stable periods. 

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