Monday, April 13, 2015

Currently Eating 4.13.15

I love sweets.

I mean, I really, really, love sweets. I love them 100% to my own detriment. They're awful for my teeth, which are already genetically pre-disposed to be terrible. The likelihood of developing the Type II Diabetes which is so pervasive on my mother's side of the family, is high. I run countless miles upon miles, and lift weights 4x/week just so that I can wake up every morning and eat my Maple and Brown Sugar semi-instant steel-cut oats. (I say semi-instant because, even though the box reads "instant," they take 5 minutes to cook, which hardly seems instantaneous.)

Everyone who contributes to this blog seems to have a gift for poetry of which I do not possess, but I'll give it a swing anyway...

A Sweet Haiku.

I love eating sweets.
yum yum yummy yum yummy
sugar love for life.

That sucked. How about a limerick?

There once was a girl who loved sweets.
She'd search high and low on the streets.
When she'd come upon them, she'd gawk, haw and hem them,
and cackle with glee at her treats.

That also sucked. I apologize.

I can't do the poetry, but I can do the baking!!

Brown-Sugar Meringues

light as a feather, sticky as a board (that is sticky.)
--not a poet, remember?

I use THIS recipe, and it is PERFECT. Change NOTHING. 

Cat B. 

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