Monday, April 27, 2015

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Hey guys,

This week I'm watching this amazing new show called Nature's Weirdest Events on BBC Two.

Check out this link to view a few of their clips from the last season. They just put the show on Netflix, and as an avid nature watcher I have to be slightly obsessed with it, I believe. I grew up on the Crocodile Hunter and other amazing shows within that vein. I also became obsessed with Planet Earth a few years ago when that show was on air. Now, this strange phenomena of a show has blown me away.

For example, Nature's Weirdest Events goes into the strange reproductive system of some animals and the uncommon interactions between humans and animals. Did you know that a female anaconda can give birth after not meeting with a male in six years?


The show also goes into trees that "bleed," instead of secreting sap and what this means for the ecosystem. It also is rather poetic to me, as most natural systems are.

On this show you can learn about zombie slugs, spider-webbed trees, and my favorite animal of all: fainting goats. What's not to love?

Ok, let me give you a few more strange natural facts:

There is a species of sea stars off of the West Coast that will pull off their own limbs and then wander away as if they never had use for them.

There is also a swarm of rabbits in Japan that will overwhelm tourists and passersby about once a year. Why? Because this is Earth and we live on a strange planet.

Needless to say, I think you guys should watch the show, it's incredibly entertaining, visual, and informative.

You won't regret it:)

Love and Weirdness, 

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