Monday, April 13, 2015

Greetings! 4.13.15

Hello and welcome back from break! No, no, don’t despair, the semester won’t last much longer.
Here’s hoping everyone had a restful, relaxing, or just generally enjoyable break. I slept until eleven almost every day, watched cartoons, and didn’t do my homework until Sunday night. It was amazing. But now we’re back at school and it’s time to get our priorities in order.
First off, registration will be starting this week, so kindly begin preparing your ritual sacrifices to CUNYfirst, the heartless god who rules us all. Kidding! Just kidding. For English majors, your pals at the counseling office will be happy to help you with any and all questions about next fall’s class selections. So long as they’re, y’know, English classes. You’re on your own for labs and junk. We’ll all get through the registration season, no sweat.
Submissions for The Junction are officially closed, although you might be able to sneak an art piece or two in last minute if it’s nice enough. The completed Junction, full of amazing student submissions, will make its debut at our yearly Junction Function, currently scheduled for May 14th at 5 PM. More info on the Function as the date gets closer, but mark your calendars; it’s a fun event made for everyone to celebrate their great work and have fun and eat snacks. The Function’s open to any student or faculty member, not just those who submitted work. There’ll be updates on the blog as to the location and other info.
Aside from that, it’s business as usual at our office. Have a great week, or a mediocre one, or whatever kind of week you’d like to have. Totally up to you. Unfortunately I don't have any cute gifs or pictures of small animals, so if that negatively impacts your week, I'm sorry to have disappointed you.

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