Monday, April 13, 2015

Illuminations 4.13.15

Let's Not Talk About That

I am afraid of a lot of things:
When trucks run over empty bottles,
they sound like gun shots;
they make me flinch,
or drop
and myself.
I am aware that
everyone is not the same.
I am afraid that not everybody knows this.
I don’t have money all the time,
and it’s hard,
but not harder than not having someone
to kiss you on the forehead
and the mouth.
Working is terrible, but
only if you take the time to relax
and realize that relaxing is all you
ever need to do in
this time untallied.
Pillows in bed
are comfortable,
but they are never enough of them.
Knees are okay.
Elbows are fine.
Ankles get in the way,
but you can’t have it all.
My child asked me the other day about the process of life:
Corey: "First, I was a baby?"
Me: "Yes, you were."
Corey: "Then, now, I am a boy?"
Me: "A very good boy."
Corey: Then, I will be a man with a mustache?"
Me: "Yes. Ha!"
Corey: "Then I will be an old man?"
Me: "That is next. Yes."
Corey: "Then I will die?"
Me: "Maybe."
Corey: "Everyone has to die?"
Me: "Of course."
Corey: "Even you?"
Me: "Of course."
Corey: "Where do we go after we die?"
Me: "Let’s not talk about that."
Turtlenecks look restrictive.
Mock turtlenecks are for pussies.
I say out loud (all the
time) that I do not judge anyone,
but my boyfriends embarrass me.
I live my life in a walk- in closet;
(please close the door behind you, and don't tell my mother that you saw me here).
Water is neccessary.
Wine is impossible not to love,
like some babies.
Whiskey puts things into perspective.
extend metaphors,
and make everything cyclical.
The dead don't haunt me.
People that almost die do.
I think about them all the time.
I do not know what to tell my son.


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