Monday, April 13, 2015

News Briefs 4.13.15

This video. This. All of this. Yes, I am being incredibly leftist and bias. But I am a woman. As a woman, and therefore the owner of female sexual organs, homogametic chromosomes, and sometimes, a bra, I am very personally invested in the next president.

In the past year, we have seen RECORD anti-female legislation enacted across the country. (Go to that link, and you can check each fact on politifact and Snopes.;))

We have also recently seen a Women's Health congressional panel, wherein NOT A SINGLE WOMAN WAS PRESENT. 

We watch as another candidate for President, treats female reporters like naughty children.

I watch, every day, my intelligent, headstrong, funny, charming, and strong daughter grow into a wonderful person.

I want that person to never know what I've dealt with as a woman in the 2000s and today.

I never want her to have to drive over state lines to get birth control.
I never want her to have to hold her friend's hand at the abortion clinic because her school didn't teach about adequate birth control methods.
I never want her to get paid less than her cast mate or office mate or partner because she is XX not XY.
I want her to flourish and thrive and never question her value because she isn't model skinny or graciously bottomed.
I want. I just WANT for her.

And I want for me.

So, yes. This is personal to me. This want.


Pope Francis made a statement at a mass at St. Peter's Basilica. He said that the genocide of the Armenian people by the Ottoman Empire was the first genocide of the 20th century. He said, as reported by BBC, that it was his duty to honor the memories of those who were killed. And of course, someone was offended by this completely factual statement. 

Turkey does not want to call the killing of 1.5 million Armenians by Ottoman forces a genocide. They say it was the result of civil unrest during World War I, as though it matters what name we give systematic murder. So offended is Turkey about this statement criticizing their government of 100 years ago that they have recalled their Vatican ambassador. 

There are many things about this news that are disturbing to me. The first is that I did not know about this genocide at all. It's frightening that such a thing can happen and not be widely known. Which leads the even more disturbing attempt to deny that the thing even happened. It baffles me that the Turkish government would even want to. It is deeply unsettling when a government tries to force others to adhere to their version of the past. And the fact that the Turkish government would further this conflict by removing an ambassador sent in the name of peace-keeping rounds out a wholly terrible situation.

In his address, Pope Francis said, "Concealing or denying evil is like allowing a wound to bleed without bandaging it." The Turkish government went ahead and did exactly that.


This Land is Your Land… Just Kidding, Its Actually Up For the Highest Bidder.

A couple of weeks ago, the majority of Republican Senators voted to sell off or give away thousands of acres of federally funded public lands, including national forests, wildlife refuges, and wildernesses via a budgetary amendment SA 838. The good news is this is not a law, and relatively toothless. It adds up to nothing more than grandstanding. The bad news is, well, there is quite a bit of support in the Republican camp to sell off our freaking land!

In a way, I have to kind of tip my hat to the Republicans. Keeping forests and wildernesses open to the public is incredibly popular among both Republicans and Democrats. I mean, Republicans love to hunt and wooded areas tend to be where most of woodland creatures congregate. Seriously, deer-they friggin' love trees!

Despite this overwhelming support, Republicans are more than willing to stand proud and exclaim, "Hey, gotta get them dolls bills, y'all!" and completely sell off land to moneied interests. Kids, you just don't see this kind of naked, craven corruption everyday. Really, its like spotting a deer gently gliding through the woods and bonking its head against a big ol' oil refinery!

More actual info at this link:

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