Monday, May 18, 2015

Currently Eating 5/18

So when I first sat down to write this, it got real dark real fast - but then I thought only a monster would make Currently Eating dark and I wasn't ready to be that monster. And then I wanted to talk about food challenges, because I love me a good challenge, and food is one of the most ridiculous sources for challenges. I can probably make some cool sociological assumption about how this represents our cultural fixation on food and consumption or something. But I'm not going to do that, because this is going to be light and fun and fodder for y'all to giggle (hopefully). But I've done a lot of these, both long-term (avoiding sugar for a month, doing a fruit flush for a week, trying at least one new recipe a week for a year) and short (cinnamon challenge, saltine challenge, nutmeg challenge (thanks, Ivan)). Just a month or two ago, I ate an apple in four bites and hated every second.

And then I thought that the biggest challenge would be the coolest one to talk about, so we're going to have a chat about Soylent, which I will be trying over the weekend. Soylent is a meal replacement drink like none other. Most meal replacement beverages are to substitute for one meal. This drink, however, is supposed to be a permanent solution to eating foods. This was an experiment beyond one I've ever tried, and I knew immediately I would have to give it a go.

Below is a list of the broader nutrition information of the product:
If you're interested in seeing a complete list of nutrition info per packet, it can be accessed here. Overall, I think this accomplishes alternative nutrition better than anything else I've seen; my only problems are that there are only 4g of dietary fiber per 51g total fiber and that it's not tailored to each individual diet. That being said, this would be an amazing replacement for most people's diets.

Looks kinda like a milkshake, or THE COOLEST FOOD ITEM IN THIS DAY AND AGE

There's still much debate about the health drawbacks of Soylent, mainly because the inventor Rob Rhinehart isn't a nutritionist but rather a engineer who decided to "hack" his own body. Despite the sketchy nature of that statement, people who have tried it seem to receive it positively. After Rhinehart himself blogged about living on solely Soylent for a year or so, people had been testing the drink for 2 weeks or a month. There's even a documentary about it.

I had seriously thought about switching permanently to Soylent since it was just an idea on Rob Rhinehart's blog, but it's not tailored to my diet or wallet well enough. It costs only $9/day, but I'm a poor college student; though that's a fraction of the price most adults in the real world spend per day on food, I'm not yet an adult in the real world. And so I'm only trying it once, for the novelty, but I cannot be more excited. Wish me lucky, guys!

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