Monday, May 11, 2015

Currently Eating: Really Unhealthy Brownies

 As many of you already know, my family has absolutely no idea what healthy eating even is. Sometimes, we sit around the house and think "Hmmmm....How can we make our diet more fattening than it already is?" Usually, we never come up with an answer to this question because our diet just cannot get any more fattening. However, on one fine day, my sister (who has an insatiable sweet tooth) answered that question in a big way.

She found a recipe for brownies, but not normal brownies. These were three-layer brownies: one layer is your average brownie, the next layer is made of oreos, and the next layer is made of chocolate chip cookies.

Yes. You read that right. We went there. Is your mind blown yet?

These brownies (known as "slutty brownies" for some reason, don't ask me why) can change your life with their epic deliciousness. In my house, food disappears fast, but when we baked these bad boys, food had never disappeared so quickly off the tabletop and into greedy stomachs. It happened at Superman speeds. When I took a couple of them as a snack for my break at work the next day, my coworkers ate them all up like scavenging vultures until I had about a crumb left for myself. THE BASTARDS ATE MY BROWNIES. And left me to starve for the rest of my shift.

By the way, these are what they look like. Feast your eyes on the glory:

Unfortunately, I did not have the time to bake the brownies for you all today, because I had to work the night shift and take care of a ceiling leak that my store has been dealing with for the past two days (joy of joys) and quite frankly, I don't know if I can leave these just chillin' on the table overnight because my big fat dad might eat them all for a midnight snack (things like this have happened before--don't even get me started on the "Australian chocolates story"). BUT these brownies may or may not make an appearance at one of our upcoming English major events...


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