Monday, May 4, 2015

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I had a lot to do in preparation for my final weeks of college, so naturally I ignored all of it and watched Guys and Dolls, a 1955 musical about it doesn't even matter what and I mean that in the best way. The story of two affable gangsters gambling in love and dice isn't quite as memorable as the upbeat music and catchy songs.

Now everyone loves a good movie-musical (right, guys?), but the 1950s were the final years of a golden era. Before televisions were a part of every household, people would go to the movies and forget about the horrors of World War II or the threat of nuclear war or inevitable death or whatever else postmodernists like to talk about, and indulge in superficial story lines and feel-good music. 

So in a way, I'm taking a page out out of the book of the audiences of the '50s. I'm putting off my thesis and my thoughts of future unemployment, and just enjoying Marlon Brando the catchy tunes and bright brass.

(song starts at 1:03)

Fun Fact: Frank Sinatra was really mad that he got the comic role of Nathan Detroit while Marlon Brando, who really couldn't sing, got the romantic lead of Sky Masterson. So in protest he made all his comic songs, like Sue Me, into romantic ballads. When the composer, Frank Loesser, told him to cut it out, he reportedly said "We'll do it my way or you can fuck off," which is probably where that song came from.

By the way, this is what Brando sounds like:

Fun Fact #2: All of Brando's songs had to be recorded line by line until he could get it right, but when they edited the lines together it sounded like he didn't take a breath for three minutes. When he had to sync the words on camera he couldn't keep up with himself. Sinatra was probably laughing in the corner.

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