Monday, May 18, 2015

Magic Hat, Annaliisa Gifford

Here are a few poems I've been working on throughout the school year. I hope you enjoy them, and have a wonderful, light filled summer.

Geographical States of Being

Why is it that when I first sit down to write I am
Flooded with what I should do
Before exposing my inner
Sweet, sanguid
Folds of soul
I think before I speak
And thus I do not
Often .
Especially since I feel completely
Torn like a sheet
Between two geographical
States of being
Multiple geographies of being
Seeing the eyes of yourself
In one’s family.
Seeing my mountainous mistakes and
Jagged chin cliffs in my momma’s anxious

Tipping Scales

Strides keep us apart
And together during the right
Moments and tender pin pricks of
Straining pain.
Weeping willow wasps-weave
And pull at our mirror minds where
The chaos bought my soul
And sold my naïve, smaller than
Average chin and american smile.
I stole the style of
a few matching leprechauns
and headed west for California,
some peace of mind,
and your absence. 

"Exhibit A:"

Move far away into a barrel underneath the ocean skies.
Spread your arms and legs in the barrel, you’ve got lots of stretching room.

“Look!” You’d say to your mother, flying past you on a kite,
spewing past your eyes on the entrails of the last hurricane. J
ust as you’d have said,“Look! I’m a product of emptiness and loneliness and sand in the bottom of your shoes!”
The sun drops over the crooked sidewalk and looks at the lone man on the corner
Leeringly With a glimmer of loose congenialityBloody, burning, lone puli
 Of god and man as one
Of mumbling, closing protestations in the dirty morning air.
Looking into a silver screen eye
Spewing glass bottles from your protestant prizeI was your protestant prize
When I was 12, underneath covers of moth cloth
 Holding cat hair up to the light 
Transparent tresses you were wrong about me
Everything was wrong when you walked past the doorframe and into my peripheries.

Thank you guys, and I had an amazing semester interning once again for the English Counseling Department. I love you guys :)

See you this Fall <3

Annaliisa Gifford

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