Monday, September 28, 2015

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My Romantic Fantasies are so Intrusive that they have Taken Over My Breakfast

Not THOSE kind of romantic fantasies, people. Really, it's too early for that. 

No, it's time to talk about my current favorite breakfast.
Artistic placement of laptop in Romantic map case

This'll be a pretty short post because, realistically, how long can I wax poetic about a chocolate croissant? (And let's not test the limits of that.)

So, for the kids in the back who weren't paying attention, this is a chocolate croissant. -->

With tea, of course. (Barnes and Noble's Holiday Tea. Alright, alright. Nerd alert.)

Let me fill you in on this croissant:
          -2 Fancy Menu Description: Toothsome chocolate folded into a buttery pastry with essence                of flake covered in a harvested light glaze cocoon. 
          -BuzzFeed Post Description: 27 Reasons this Croissant is Officially #Queen After 15 Seconds            in the Microwave 
          -College Student Blog: $2.

If my attempts at making you laugh (or even mouth-twitch) have failed, the address to this bakery is sure to put a smile on your face!
Cafe Riviera, 830 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222 --> Greenpoint, your home away from home!

Semper ubi sub ubi,

P.S. To those noticing the non-veganness of this article (compared to my News Brief piece)...shhhh...

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