Monday, September 7, 2015

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I love cooking.

     From picking the perfect tools and ingredients to delighting in the finished product, cooking is very therapeutic to me. I also love sharing my cooking with other people, I enjoy making others happy through the art of deliciousness.
     The problem with that is, unfortunately, I never use recipes (and I'm too broke to cook for lots of people) so sharing is kind of a task.
     I learned to cook by the eye and the tongue. The only measurement involved in this years-long and ongoing learning process is the amount of time it takes to cook things to perfection – and even that is VERY subject to intuition taking over.  So despite all this and the fact that summer is coming to an end, I’m still going to attempt to let you in on one of my favorite summer breakfast recipes.

What is that?

      Good stuff, that’s what. 
      I call this dish…scrambled eggs with cheddar, cucumber and a side of pistachio milk chia pudding topped with peaches. I know, seems like a lot, but it’s pretty simple to make.

      First let’s start with the chia pudding - it's extremely easy to make (this recipe should help). If you don't like pistachios, you can use any other kind of milk. Cow's milk, almond milk, coconut milk - you name it. Chia seeds will devour any liquid you put them in, so you could even use water, if you're nasty. 
........No,seriously, I've had it and it's pretty nasty. 
It tastes like your tongue is turning into a chia pet.

      Next we have the peaches, which is even easier to make than the pudding. Just slice the peach however you like, or slice any fruit for that matter. The pudding is very versatile, I just chose peaches because they're tasty and were available. Eventually the peaches gained extra points for contributing to the orange and green color scheme that started forming as I cooked. They're the same color as the cheddar, so I needed them on the plate. Speaking of cheddar...
      I love cheddar. I love cheese in general, but cheddar just goes so well with eggs. To make these eggs the way I made them, I suggest you invest in 5 basic seasonings: garlic and onion powder (too lazy in the morning to chop up real onions and garlic), basil, paprika, and black pepper.
     Crack an egg (or two) into a bowl, throw a dash (or two) of each and then beat. I don't add salt to my eggs because the cheese is salt enough for me, but hey, do what you like! I often fluff my eggs up with a tiny splash of milk or water, but you can skip that step.

Just know that a tiny splash makes a difference.
*narrows eyes*

     Cook those beaten eggs and scramble them to your liking, and top with cheddar. Now you have the eggs, the pudding and the peaches....what else is left?

*cue a child in the distance yelling "WHAT ARE THOOOOOSE???"*

     Calm down, it's just cucumber noodles. Delicious and refreshing, these noodles are fairly easy to make if you have one of these:
This thing is called a Spiralizer.
     Spiralizers can cost anything from around 15 bucks to 50 bucks. Mine was like, $30 (on sale? idk my mom blessed me with it), and I use it quite often! You could also just cut up some cucumber with a normal knife in a normal way, because no matter how you chop it up, it's still cucumber.
    The last step is to take that fresh, raw cucumber (as much as you feel like eating) and add salt and pepper to taste. Or, if you like your food to bite you back once in a while, you could add some lemon juice and hot chili powder to taste!
    I paired this dish with some fruity green tea to finish on a clean note.
Peach tea, peach pudding...I like peaches, okay?
     Bring it all together and there you have it, a lovely breakfast that is delicious, filling, and refreshing!


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