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If you haven't heard of Mr. Robot, I'm here to bless those eyes of yours with shameless promotion of this show. It's about a vigilante hacker named Elliot Alderson who joins a group of hacktivists that plans to tackle capitalism's grip on the world by hacking the world's biggest conglomerate, E Corp.

It's an incredibly smart show that subverts many tropes of the cyber thriller/drama genre, combining social commentary with riveting plot in present-day NYC. In fact, some of the references are eerily current (what with all the hacking scandals that have been going on), and the season finale had to be delayed due to a scene's coincidental similarity to a real life tragedy.

That being said, I really suggest you don't do too much research on this show (PLEASE don't go on the Wikipedia page or any reviews, you're going to cry), as you will be bombarded with spoilers due to the sheer impact this show's twists and turns have had on viewers.

Instead, I'll give you a few simple facts about Mr. Robot as testimony for how good it is:

1. The show got renewed for a second season before the season premier. The early online release of the first episode was received so well that USA was like "WE NEED MORE EPISODES TO SATISFY THEIR HUNGER."

2. USA lets Sam Esmail (the show creator) get away with SO much shit you would otherwise expect to be censored or cut out. During just about every episode I thought "how is this on USA?!"...well, it's so good USA let things slide.

3. Part of it was taped on campus. (Episode 7)

I mean how could this not win you over?
Critics have praised every element of the show from the cinematography to the script and cast. The beautiful shots paired with the messiness and trippiness of the plot is quite the feat, AND the acting is top notch on this show. Stephanie Corneliussen, Christian Slater, and B.D. Wong are some of my favorites...but Rami Malek is honestly the best thing that's happened to me all summer.

Rami Malek as Elliot is just a stellar example of exemplary casting and the depth he brings to an already complex character (Elliot suffers from drug addiction, social anxiety and depression) really makes it impossible to envision a better choice for the role.

Look at my husband, y'all.
If he doesn't get an Emmy next year I'm fighting someone.

The best thing, though, is the fact that the first season is only 10 episodes - PERFECT FOR BINGE WATCHING!

And yes, I'm binge watching the season over again...because I love it that much.

So put aside 10 hours of your week and watch this great show! (OR YOU CAN WATCH IT ON YA FAVE SHADY SITE, YOU KNOW THE DEAL)

- Renee Jarvis

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