Monday, September 28, 2015

Currently Watching 9.28.15

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Apparently it's forever going to be my shtick to answer each "currently" post with "nothing." But the truth of the matter is I have no idea why I was compelled to ask for Currently Watching when I knew how hard it would be for me to write. I'm happiest when I'm busy, and so I usually keep my schedule packed to the point of combustion, everything planned out so that I don't stop moving until I fall asleep at night (not kidding; I've had five minutes that were unscheduled today. I'm crazy, I know). But the problem with living like that is that I schedule when to indulge in movie-watching or something of the sort, but sometimes that falls to the edge of my priorities. This past weekend I was supposed to watch a movie with Kyle and I was going to write all about that and make it cool and super interesting. I swear I was. But then I got a bit too busy and forgot about the film.

And so: with a broken laptop and short on time, I decided to opt for an honest post to you guys. What have I been watching? To answer in the pseudo-mysterious way I approach things when I'm feeling silly: nothing. But that's a lie, because we're always watching things. What have I been watching? I've been watching museums.

This occurred to me a while back, that walking through a museum is comparable to a virtual reality experience that is actual reality. Hear me out. When you watch a movie, you interact with it only insofar as your eyes interact. You're emotionally touched through the visual - and, admittedly, audial - aspects. You cannot pick it up and play with it; it's a passive source of entertainment consumption. Similarly, museums are rife with signs telling you exactly what's implied in movies: do not touch. You wade through the hallways and you are engaged with the material through visual (and sometimes audial stimuli).

I love me a good museum, and have recently been in and out of so many that I've joked I could easily build a stylistically appealing one. And the reason I'm so certain of this is for the following reason: a good museum is, first and foremost, well-structured. Within it is the beautiful illusion that the viewer is in control; one feels like one is choosing to follow this path or that, but really the halls make a labyrinth leading to one core place. The role of a museum's hall is to take you on a guided journey through the exhibitions. Similarly, a good movie is a well-structured movie. When falling into the realm of the film, you feel that reality can go any which way. The girl running from a monster might run up the stairs, but she may also go out the back door into the dark woods behind. But really, this all has dramatic purpose. She has to run into the basement so that she can discover the bodies of her now-dead friends. It all has purpose. You're being led - like in a museum!

Am I way off-base? Probably. Talk to me about it. Let's make this baby idea a real thing!


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