Monday, September 7, 2015

Greetings 9.7.15

Welcome back!

We here at the English Interns Office are here to help you with at least SOME of your English Major requirements! In this office you can declare a major or minor, get some solid advice on how to beg a professor to guide your senior thesis, help with overtally issues, (more begging advice) advise you on which of the three "the literature of cats in medieval France" classes to take--because they're all thats open.

We cannot:

  • offer you dating advice--trust us--we judge based on bookshelf compatibility--and hey, that guy may be perfectly nice even if he DOES love Nicolas Sparks.
  • help you get into your BlackBoard account--we're still trying to access our own.
  • Dance, but you can dance if you want to. 
  • Come up with a word that rhymes with orange.

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