Monday, October 12, 2015

Canvas 10.12.15

I had a serious plan for myself when I was younger.
Over time, some parts changed, but the general idea was the same:
I was going to grow up, succeed in a career that made me happy, be financially stable enough to buy a house and some land, maybe have kids and a husband, definitely have a pet, and remain humble. And part of remaining humble entailed remaining frugal, leading me to convince myself that a great way to maintain my frugality in the future was to paint all of the art in my house myself.

Then, this woman's work entered my life and scratched that last part out of the plan:

Michelle Robinson

Before I continue, let me just make that painting in the background a little clearer for you so you can see the full scope of its greatness.

(This would be amazing in my future living room, btw.)

Michelle Robinson is a self-taught, LA based visual artist who focuses on abstractions and the female form, and I absolutely LOVE her work. I came across her art on Instagram and was sold immediately. The textures and shapes in her work are formed by meticulous paintwork, often employing tiny dots and brushstrokes for the necessary effects. She often contracts delicate, flowing lines with angular, jagged shapes and bold hues.

Robinson's work is inspired by nature, her identity, her views on womanhood, self-empowerment, community and the human condition. Her depictions of these concepts are not always obvious, leaving the viewer to interpret what her views and her identity truly are, and how they are exposed in her art.

 my mood almost 24/7

 Me and My Girls In the Club

The In/Eternal Sunshine of Self Love

"Grow Where You Are Planted"
(~~for once, that's the actual title~~)

I could go on for days.
And Michelle Robinson doesn't stop at paintings on canvas. No, she hand paints accessories as well! Mixing her art with fashion, Robinson has sold purses, wallets, shoes and necklaces with her signature style.

Ugh, she's amazing. 
Finding her on Instagram was a blessing. Give her page a look, and you'll see tons more of her alluring pieces.
I'm forever grateful to the ways in which the internet and social media has revolutionized the art scene. Young artists can reach audiences from across the world, gain exposure by themselves in an unprecedented way. They can sell their art under their rules, giving them more freedom (and money) to expand their horizons. If you're interested in purchasing her art, you can go to her website - she's currently having a sale on her "Pick Two Prints" deal!
Unfortunately, I'm too broke--even for a sale ($80 is a lot of groceries)! I guess I'll just have to wait until I grow up, succeed in a career that makes me happy, become financially stable enough to buy a house and some land, and some of Michelle Robinson's art.

- Renee

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