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Art Meets Fashion: Basquiat's Hip-Hop Legacy in Sneakers

Jean-Michael Basquiat (pictured above) is my favorite artist and I love his work combined with his connection to the Hip-Hop community as a graffiti artist as a teenager. So I thought that it was a perfect commemoration to his legacy to add his famous iconography to sneakers. My favorite thing to wear, like ever, are sneakers (sorry Mom I'll never be a proper Laaayyy-Deeee).  So when Basquiat and Reebok began their partnership I was overjoyed.  So allow me to give you the opportunity to feast your eyes on these beauties.  Reebok has released some limited edition sneakers featuring the genius of the one, the only,  Jean-Michael Basquiat.

A piece by Basquiat, I don't know the name of this particular painting, but the historical impact is powerful in the iconography that he uses. In one piece he connects his Haitian heritage, the African experience and the so called ideology of "liberty" here in the United States.
If anyone wants to get me an awesome Christmas present.

I will definitely take a pair of these also.....pretty please.

If high fashion is considered art I strongly believe that the amalgamation of art and fashion is something that transcends art, Something that I can't quite articulate.

I am literally salivating over these.

I just copped these bad boys. #SWAG #FLEXING

The artistic beauty involved in Basquiat's work is breathtaking.


These are the most politically charged sneakers I've ever seen and I am impressed by the artistic beauty and the outright swagg-tasticness of these sneakers.  These kicks range in price from $44.99 to a couple of thousands (YIKES).  I like that fashion has the ability to make both a personal and a political statement and overall these sneakers are just fun and straight up mesmerizing to look at. The combination of colors and designs are like owning a little private piece of Basquiat's work for yourself (because the majority of his paintings are either on exhibition or owned by people whom are very, very rich *sigh* life ain't fair, y'all),  If you're interested in seeing his paintings you can check them out at  The Whitney  (AKA  The very NEW Whitney that just opened up in the Meatpacking District) and he also had a recent installment at The Brooklyn Museum (Which is absolutely, positively FREEEEEEE to Brooklyn College students just flash your ID like a BOSS).  If you arent familiar with his work, enjoy these images after the cut, your welcome :)


This is a piece that needs to be seen up close, Basquiat included quotes from major works of American film, literature and music, at the top of this painting is a quote from Melville's classic, Moby Dick.

So much detail in this piece, and it is so politically charged, if you ever get an opportunity to see his work up close, definitely seize the moment.

Graffiti is art,  and I'm so happy that he is recognized for other works that aren't "traditional" (meaning work that isn't on the typical canvas).

*This painting is from the collection at the Whitney, all others are from the Basquiat's Notebooks Installment that was at the Brooklyn Museum over the summer of  2015. My favorite piece because he makes fun of hollywood for presenting horrible tropes for black actors with no depth or character development.

Brooklyn WE GO HARD! Young Basquiat had a Jr membership to the Brooklyn Museum and he lived right in the neighborhood back when Brooklyn was still Brooklyn if you know I mean.

I hope you enjoyed these works of art, because I definitely enjoyed presenting this to you.

- Lisa Del Sol

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