Monday, October 19, 2015

Currently Eating 10.19.15

For the past few weeks I’ve been planning on using Currently Eating to complain about the gas situation at my apartment via a rage induced video in the style of HowToBasic. Unfortunately, while I was cleaning out my fridge of weeks old food that I haven’t been able to cook (my gas needs to run in order to perform that action), I accidentally threw out my eggs. You can’t make a HowToBasic video without eggs. So to make myself feel better about my great mistake and make sense out of my situation, here’s OG HowToBasic:

Feel my rage, right?

But what do I do after being foiled by my lack of needing-bad-eggs-to-make-a-video foresight? How do I tie this into something? I don’t know, I’m all out of ideas. I have homework to do; I don’t have time to think.

Oh god, homework.

As you can see I’m a little upset about a few things. It’s that time of the semester when I get a little loopy. Like that time when I thought bringing out the ham cold cuts would help me finish my Hamlet essay. I mean Hamlet has ham in it.

I didn’t actually think that. It was 4 AM and I needed something to cool me down from writing. Making that video did the trick. I do that a lot -- make nonsensical videos on snapchat to fill the spaces in my head that form when stressing out about something -- there was this one time when I needed to water my watermelon.

I don’t know. I’m sorry.

But you know what? All of this misuse of food reminds me of something I need people to do. Since we’re getting into the meat of the school session, it’s really important that we all remember to actually eat. We’re all starting to stress out and sometimes we forget about food (I know I do and I know a few people who do too). I know that some people actually eat more when they’re stressed, but it’s a really dangerous situation to not eat or forget to eat. Keep that in mind.

When you schedule yourself for a whole day of studying, you need to set some time aside to get your biological needs sorted. Have at least two meals a day (three if you can) and make sure that they're meals full of energy (don't snack and count it as a meal, please). If you eat, you'll have enough energy to get through the day and think straight.

I feel like we sacrifice our health a lot when it comes to school and that shouldn't be the case. Please take care of yourselves. I worry about this a lot.


P.S. - This goes for sleep too. Please sleep.

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