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My dog just sneezed in my face.

Now that we got that out of the way, I have a not-so-secret confession to make. There is one time in the year in which I get obsessed with a past actor sweetheart and I watch all his or her movies and try to figure out how in the hell were they ever popular. Sometimes it makes a lot of sense like Winona Ryder's mysticism and attitude - she is original and will always be cool. Other times, I'm just speechless. For example, last year, I was obsessed with Freddie Prince Jr. I had heard of him vaguely, but it wasn't until I got Netflix that I realized the amount of movies he had made in the early 2000s.

If those glasses don't bring you back to the early 2000s I don't know what else will. 

Why was this guy popular?!? What made people watch his rom coms?? After watching a lot of his movies, I still don't get it. But, I guess that's why I like watching movies from the past; I enjoy observing the style, the character arcs, and the slang that was considered cool at that time. I find it hilarious because it's not considered cool right now.

Recently, I re-watched Stand By Me, and I wondered what had happened to the boys that played in the movie. When I searched Corey Feldman, I was in for a surprise.

Little did I know I would find this year's obsession: The Two Coreys.

Cory Feldman and Corey Haim in their prime
For those of you who don't know, Corey Feldman and Corey Haim were teen sweethearts in the 80s who happened to be best friends, star in different movies together and have the same first name. They appeared in The Lost Boys (1987) as well as License to Drive (1988) and Dream A Little Dream (1989). I, personally, love 80s movies. It might be because they were constantly played in the few movie channels that Argentina had in English (yes, I know, they get everything *literally* decades later) or it might be because everything from that era seems so crazy to me. I have never seen such insane hair and styles and make up and music. I love it. When I think about the 80s everything seems so much brighter and bolder and leotard-y with a hint of everything-is-gonna-explode-in-any-second. I also really like how High School is depicted. All the smoking and curse words and guns and cliques - it's violent to the point of absurdity. It is almost the complete opposite to how High School is depicted nowadays. Well, I take that back because apparently, random dance scenes in teenage movies will always be a must (I'm looking at you, High School Musical).

Yes, that is Corey Feldman trying to dance like Michael Jackson. Yes, I cringed the whole time too.

I wish I could tell you what Dream A Little Dream is about. But I was confused the whole time. In fact, that dancing scene was the only thing that made sense. Otherwise, I think it is about an old couple that gets into the bodies of a younger couple and have to figure out a way on how to become old again. Except that the woman or the girl don't know. The plot is confusing especially when you have intense dramatic scenes like this one:

It's so over the top! I love it, especially cause they're so young. They lead such intense lives for fifteen year olds.

In The Lost Boys, the Two Coreys aren't main characters, but they are the comedic relief of the film. It is about a family that moves into a town filled with vampires, Kiefer Sutherland being the main one.

As I watch these two actors I can't help but see how enigmatic they are. I kinda understand why they were so popular and why they fit together so well. Corey Haim was always the funny, goofy one while Corey Feldman was the serious one with a fearless attitude. And also, they had, like, a totally rad and righteous style. (Yes, I just used 80s slang. Yes, I promise I won't do it ever again.)

Please observe their coolness
I have yet to see License to Drive, which is probably their most famous movie. I have been waiting to see it because my brothers, who kinda remember these dudes, wanna see it with me and we never have the time and also because as soon as I watch it, I know that my obsession will be over. And I don't want to let go of the Two Coreys, just yet.

One thing about all these teenage actor sweethearts that always captures my attention is that they are no where to be found these days. And that's when you start to realize that these actors, along with their movies, styles and dances, were fads. As sad as that might sound, they also represent and embody a certain era in the past. It's sometimes better to remember them as they were, than what they became. I say this in a good way, because the reality for most grown up child actors is a sad one. I believe Corey Haim would want us to remember him as the goofy, self-assured actor than a guy who died of an overdose. Or maybe, that's the problem, that we see them only as the teenage characters they represented and not as the human beings that they are. We see this repeat itself over and over again with teenage celebrities, and nothing is really being done to make sure that it won't happen again. Nothing is being done to ensure their mental health. There should be a change in child actors' law, but that's a whole other conversation. 

For now, I look forward to seeing License To Drive.

It looks bitchin'! (Yes, that's the last time I'll use 80s slang. Yes, this time I pinky swear.)

I hope I was able to entertain you, at least for a little bit. If not, remember that my dog just sneezed in my face. It was not a pretty sight for either of us.


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