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It's time. After this post, I will not be making inside jokes with just myself. I'll be free, free to shout 'boop boop' and 'like a loooooooser' from the rooftoops, because you all will know. You all will know the YouTube I know. God bless.

We're going to treat post this like a train, because apparently I revert to cheesy metaphors when I'm trying to get people to love stuff that I love.


First stop! Good Mythical Morning/Rhett & Link.
Let's talk about that.
They are two men with kids and skinny jeans and they are my daily routine (ahem).
Good Mythical Morning is their daily talk-show style exploration of interesting topics, torturing themselves with weird food, and just doing crazy stuff.
Like...taking sound baths (I'm totally not easing you into this):

Just watch the whole video. It's so worth it.

They post sketches (#Sketchtober) and music videos on their original Rhett and Link channel.

And now...

Second: Hartland. MyHarto. Hannah Hart.
Hannah is known for her (boop boop) 'My Drunk Kitchen' show, in which she cooks...drunk. She started this series to cheer up a friend, and it unexpectedly became so popular she now has a full-time career on YouTube.
She gets drunk alone:

And does collabs (Tyler, you're next):

Hannah Hart is a TREASURE and just as beautiful in person:

(Dear God I hope this video player is not like the Tumblr one)
(And by that I mean I hope it actually works)
(And yes, she is riding around in a red wagon and we're
throwing cat toys onto her)

Third, the Queen himself, Tyler Oakley. The endlessly self-promoting, cackling, 'YASSS'-screaming Tyler Oakley is famous for...just that. His video style is pretty standard YouTube: vlogging, challenges, and collaborations; his personality is what made him one of the most famous YouTubers around. 
I mean...
Whatever he does:


...and anything else, he is a goddamn delight. He just published his book Binge, has a documentary in the works, and continues to be one of the busiest and well sought after cultural icons.

Finally, Markiplier. His schtick is producing 'let's play' videos of him playing through various video games. He has claimed his title as the King of Five Nights at Freddy's (a horror game involving animatronics, OD jump scares, and terrorizing children), 

Part 1...if you dare

slides around offices as toilet paper rolls,

Go to 1:23 like a looooooser

and makes very good use of his radio-quality [insert cheesy romance novel description] voice.

(this is a judgment-free blog, okay?)
(technically he doesn't even speak in this video but 
who wants some pancakes?!)

That isn't to say that his doofy side is the only draw. Mark openly cries in videos, incessantly thanks his viewers, and has no qualms about getting appropriately serious (even if it means the inevitable lowering of subscribers. People are jerks). Recently, a very close friend of his--and fellow YouTuber--committed suicide. Mark handled and spoke about it in the most heartwarming, genuine way. Like the other YouTubers I watch, his personality makes his videos.


Well, we have reached the end of about an hour's worth of video. I know it's a lot, but try, when you're free, to support the careers of these hilarious, hard-working, caring, and incredibly lucky individuals. 

I think a lot of YouTuber fans like myself would agree that one is not only entertained by these people, but also kept alive. That might seem strange to someone who has not seriously thought about and/or acknowledged the Intertainment business. In truth, these people are not like 'normal' celebrities: all of them were born leagues away from any spotlight; most of them thrive in a culture that is unusually intimate with and grateful to its fans; many of them provide the source of empathy and openness that a lot of fans need and can't get in their personal lives. It's hard for me to not get emotional thinking and speaking about this because I literally owe these people my life. 


Love y'all,


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