Monday, November 23, 2015

Greetings 11.23.15

Hey Friends!!!

With less than a month of classes left, it's crunch time. I hope that fact hasn't just crept on you as it has on me. I mean, my cat and I just shared a moment.

No matter what, I bet you'll all keep on troopin'; we've gone too far to quit now.

But if you're freaking out, don't hesitate with coming to us at the English Majors' Counseling Office, assuming that what you're freaking out about is something we could help you with. If you're still not sure what class you should take next semester, or if you need to declare your major, or if you just need a place to cool down, come on by to Boylan 3416. You can pick up a copy of The Junction and clear your mind by reading a few pieces of prose and poetry by your fellow students. By the way, we're always accepting submissions for the next issue.

The Writers' Circle is also still going on, so if you have some time to flex your creative muscles, meet us at Boylan 2307 on Tuesday, 12:30 - 1:30.

Also, don't forget that Thanksgiving is this week and the college is closed for both Thursday and Friday, and there are no classes scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. Yaaaaay!!!

Have an awesome week!

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