Monday, November 9, 2015

Greetings 11.9.2015

Hey Everyone!

It was great meeting so many of you at the English Majors Open Mic. Y'all are so talented and I felt honored to be in your presence.  Now we can relax and kick back... and do you hear that......that beautiful sound of silence....that sound that means that midterms are OVAHHHH.  I'm in the hallways like......
 finna get some sleep all niiighhh-ighhhh-igggghhhhtBut our happiness will be short lived.....because finals are near so some of us might be like this....

Or perhaps we might partake in a little of this .....

But hopefully a lot of this

That's the spirit! Get your study on!

Yassssss go hard or go home!!!

But remember your due dates and deadlines for the love of God please don't be like....

Because then you might end up like..

No fucks given

You might have to make some sacrifices......


But please take care of yourself, get rest and don't forget to eat (like seriously people do actually forget to eat because they are so engrossed with their school work) #SelfCare

And last but not least please don't stress aight, remember "Que Sera, Sera".
Like my boy Kendrick said.....

One Love,

Lisa D.

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