Monday, November 2, 2015

Magic Hat 11.2.15

As of right now, my only job is being a full-time student and although this is hard, how fortunate I am to be able to say this, doesn't escape me. I was wondering if I should post an excerpt of my thesis in this week's magic hat but that would require me to have a clear grasp on my thesis...and I don't. So instead I've decided to post the poem I will be handing in for my Poetry I workshop this upcoming Tuesday. I assure you it is slightly more pleasant than my thesis.  

Watching Laguna Beach in 2003 While Black
After Morgan Parker

Jamesy has an aversion to washing
His hands after the bathroom. He says,
A  faucet is ten times dirtier than
My jock and who are we to disagree. I mean only
Charlise knows if this is true. I mean only 
She has touched both Jamesy and a public faucet
And I know Lyla wishes she knew because she sometimes
Plays with his fingers even though Jamesy has an aversion to 
Washing hands.
She says he’ll live a long time
Because there’s a brown worm that
Stretches both east and west
Of his palm and Lyla has the same worm
Living in hers so she says
So will I and then she follows that with
We should live a long time together
And I think this is both corny and sophisticated
And I wonder if Charlise hears it
And I know Jamesy likes it
Because he doesn't care if Charlise hears it
When he says,
That’d be cool
And I think this is more corny and less sophisticated 
So I try it with Charlise 
But my two front teeth 
hang too low
and scratch 
the words that come out
And I wonder if she loves Jamesy
Like the train loves sick passengers
Like 116th St loves brunch in the Summer
Or like the landlord loves the first day of January
Because if so
I have a chance
But if she loves Jamesy
Like LC loves Stephen
Like Kristen loves Stephen
And like Kristen and LC should just love each other 
Then I should quit here
And change the channel. 

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