Monday, December 14, 2015

Canvas 12.14.2015

The Brooklyn Museum
Exhibit: The Rise of Sneaker Culture

The Rise of The Sneaker exhibit at The Brooklyn Museum was one of a kind.  I am writing about in in retrospect (sorry) but it was really incredible.  Initially, I went to the museum to view the Basquiat Notebook series, but I saw that this exhibit was also available.  It also didn’t hurt that it’s absolutely FREE FOR BROOKLYN COLLEGE STUDENTS (but I still donate something because If the museum ever closes I will look just like my friend Pepe). 
The most dynamic part of the show was an artistic representation of the African-American tradition of stepping that was used at the Rick Owens 2014 runway show in Paris. I was blown away because he used real steppers from actual colleges to participate in the show. It is incredible to see the passion and the skill that these women have.  It was also refreshing to see a different body type on a high-fashion runway show. Peep the video below!

I love the fact that sneakers are being featured in a museum and recognized as a work of art.  I also love the fact that the exhibit was situated within the context of Hip-Hop culture referencing artist such as Missy Elliot (video is siiiicccccccck and she is wearing an outfit in the opening of the video designed by Adidas just for her highness).

 RUN DMC are also a major part of the exhibit especially since they have a song titled 
My Adidas.

and others for their sneaker anthem songs, and their love of Adidas. What I also found interesting is how sneakers have come to represent social status (it's a big deal and a "true sneakerhead" knows the difference between Jordans, Lebrons, Foamposites and the like...So yeah I think I might be sneakerhead...even though I don't own any of those listed above and I can't afford anything in the images below #Struggles)

Coolest thing ever....

The gold ones though.....

I've always liked the black and grey Jordans, but they always sell out
and I'm too busy to sleep in front of Footlocker in order to get a pair
when they first arrive in stores. Alas.

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Coolest part of the night was watching everyone design the big sneaker on the wall.

Overall it was an incredible exhibit and I'm glad that I experienced it. I hope that they bring this exhibit not only back to New York but back to Brooklyn.

"Spread love it's the Brooklyn way."

                                     Notorious B.I.G.

One Love,

Lisa Del Sol

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