Monday, December 14, 2015

Culture Corner 12.14.15

Let me start this post with a not TOTALLY culture-unrelated message:

Thank you interns, Professor Natov, and you, reader. It's no hyperbole when I say that I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life. For a while, I think I forgot what it was like to not have every day touched with the same dull, draining, restraining sadness. I forgot that I had another personality, the real Alex that you've been seeing for the past couple of months that had just been making guest appearances from time to time.
I remember I recognized a change around midterms: in my idle moments of thought, my brain didn't drift to darkness; it thought of the people I saw/see every day at the office. The doofs that thought I was funny. That liked Pepe, God bless them. As they're reading this, they're forgiving me for spewing 66.6% of all cliches known to man.
Right now I think my tears are typing, not my fingers. I can't find an original, clever way to express my thanks, so...thank you. I love you all. I'm going to miss those who are leaving, even though they'll be seeing my face in the corner of wherever they are (even in Paris, Alana).

Me to y'all
And for those that are staying...
don't ask

So this is a collection of holiday traditions/non-traditions submitted by our interns.

Might as well start with me:

Alex Caruso:
(the amount of colons in this post is making me insecure)
These days, Christmas Day dinner is with my parents. Just the three of us. My mom cooks and cooks and cooks, insisting no one help her while simultaneously giving my dad and me the evil eye. I mean, dinner is really delicious, though. 
Christmas Eve, however, has a new tradition for me. 
I go to my boyfriend's (Kristian with a "K") house and celebrate with him and his family! (It's only 5-6 people total, but that's bigger than 3 and therefore huge...shush)
Here are some pictures from last year stolen from his dad's Facebook
his sister and her boyfriend have broken up since

That pose is why we've lasted for 4+ years

I love his family so much. I love them more than he does. *_*
Long story short, we eat Filipino & white food, open presents, and participate in photo shoots (his dad is an amateur photographer).

Lisa Del Sol: 
In my house we play parang. It's a form of Caribbean xmas songs and we always have black cake and stout punch. YUMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

Maggie Wrobleski:
My family are all practicing Catholics, more or less, so religion's a big part of the season for us. We go to church on Christmas morning and all that. Seeing family and being together is also prioritized; for as long as I can remember we've visited my dad's family on staten island on Christmas eve and then gone out to long Island to see my mom's family on Christmas day. We always have cinnamon buns on Christmas morning for some reason, that's just become the tradition. We bake a lot of sweets. On my dad's side we do a secret Santa so it's not as much of a hassle to get a present for everybody. On my mom's side there's so many of us that we just give family-to-family gifts, something meant to be shared and usually homemade, like cookies.

Courtney Takats:
Working on Christmas, sacrificing disgruntled bagel-buyers to Satan, flopping on the ground if I have time. BUT I'm going to try to see my sister sometime around then. She won't sacrifice people with me but she's cool anyway.

Chante Reid:
I have no culture. I am American!  I eat apple pie and oppress people on Christmas! Wait...Do I EAT apple pie and OPPRESS people or do I eat APPLE PIE and OPPRESSED PEOPLE? 

Renee Jarvis:
We usually have homemade ginger beer and sorrel and we eat and talk and open gifts and play taboo since there's always mad people and taboo gets ridiculous when like 14 people are playing it. Of course there's black cake too.

Alana Graffam:
For Christmas I'm going to DC with my brother Paul and my cousin Jason to visit his wife's family who are gonna cook us a Colombian version of a typical Christmas dinner. I didn't ask questions but I sure as hell gonna eat the shit out of it. I don't really have a Christmas tradition but I like that it's different each year. (after that Paris woohoooo)

Happy holidays, everyone! Let's talk again sometime soon.

Alex <3

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