Monday, December 14, 2015

Currently Eating 12.14.15

What am I currently eating?

You guessed it - breakfast.

More specifically, cereal - French Toast Crunch to be exact.

Let me tell you what French Toast Crunch means to me...let me tell you my story.

When I was four years old, my family moved from a roach-infested apartment building in the projects to a two story house a few blocks from the projects (in a different hood). Living in a household of seven, I grew up across the street from actual middle class people while still being working class - tenants among homeowners - thanks to my parents and their budgeting skills. My mother was, and still is, a coupon wizard (Shop Rite has owed my mom money on two carts of groceries on multiple occasions), and both of my parents knew that off-brand and sales were the way to go for everything.

Instead of Rice Krispies I ate Malt-o-Meal Crispy Rice ( the former went "snap crackle pop", the latter went "snep crickle pup"), Tootie Fruities and Cinnamon Toasters. 

      the broke ass cereal holy trinity

Once in a blue moon, the brand name cereals were on a good enough sale that my parents would bring them home in bulk. Fruit Loops and French Toast Crunch were my favorites.

But Froot Loops never got discontinued.

When French Toast Crunch got discontinued in 2006, I didn't realize it. Eating the cereal was such an infrequent occurrence that I didn't notice until two years later, after I moved from a house back into an apartment in the projects, that it had completely disappeared from the shelves. 
Now, I wasn't too surprised, as my last memory of FTC was of some new formula that tasted like ass. I figured the cereal must have been discontinued because the new formula was so bad that sales plummeted - which was not a good combination with the millions they must have spent advertising the change. I looked the cereal up to see if they were bringing back the original - but they weren't. Then it hit me - I would never taste that original flavor again. I would never get that puffy texture, that syrupy, exciting (IT WAS NAME BRAND!!!) flavor from my childhood.
I was googling profusely, trying to see if there was any way I could get this cereal - turns out it was still sold in Canada.

Good news: you could order it online.
Bad news: it was fucking expensive.

$13 for a box of cereal, plus shipping, WAS RIDICULOUS. I couldn't afford that. So instead I found my people, people who created petitions to bring it back. I signed, I campaigned for like five years. No change in sight. On March 24th, 2014, my jewel of a boyfriend gave me 3 boxes of French Toast Crunch for my birthday and I CRIED.
It was ridiculous, but I cried. I ate those three boxes so slowly, so much like a delicacy you would have thought it was the finest of caviar.

 The cereal was a luxury.
And people hated me because they didn't have it.
*hair flip*

Once, I left the box open and let my cereal get stale by accident...I immediately panicked, frantically searching for ways to make stale cereal crunchy again. I baked the cereal, as instructed by the Internet, and saved myself from doom.

Then, on December 5th, 2014, I woke up to a beautiful article that my friend posted on my Facebook page. It was like waking up to presents under the Christmas tree: General Mills announced that they were bringing back the ORIGINAL formula French Toast Crunch!

My long lost friend...


People went out and bought, and still buy, this cereal in droves. It tastes like happy mornings, like nostalgia - of course the old fans would stock up. I know I sure did - I mean not only was the cereal back, it was on SALE! 

So as this semester ends, and finals loom over my head, I'll be sure to partake in a little bowl of glee, of sweetness, of victory.

- Renee 

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