Monday, December 14, 2015

Currently Listening 12.14.15

Ghost Stories by WATERMEDOWN, "an album composed of demos written, recorded, and rehashed throughout the loneliest year of my life."

This album, despite being one of the most depressing in my library, is my go to album when I need to give myself some time to not think. It's no longer than twenty minutes and if it ever comes close to ending, it's always on repeat. 

I can't say exactly why I'm so attracted to this album; I mean the production value is low, none of the tracks are named, and it doesn't really try to put you in a good mood, but it's 3AM on a Saturday night where I don't plan on sleeping anytime soon and this is what I choose to drown out the maddening ticking of the clock and droning of the Staten Island Railway. There's just something about this collection of songs that keeps me level headed. In a way, when I listen to the album I feel like I have a friend next to me, telling me personal stories that they wouldn't normally tell any one else; it feels real, almost visceral. 

I almost decided on writing about how the ticking of a clock scares me, how the roaring of trains remind me too much of time, and how the singing of birds along with the rising sun is what I dread the most, but it's 3AM right now, not 5, and I have this album to keep me company. Three in the morning is the loneliest time but with these songs it feels anything but. 


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