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I was originally going to do this post on Jell-O, because I have been reading a lot about Jell-O lately. More specifically, I've been looking into the fascinating history of Jell-O salads because most of them are mindbogglingly repulsive to think about and look at. As nasty as they seemed, people really liked them for decades, back when Jell-O had savory flavors like "Italian" and "Celery". I will never understand the appeal of mayo, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and celery in lime Jell-O. Never.
*shudders* thanks.
(If you want to look more into this topic, click here)

But because I just started reading The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins, articles about Jell-O are no longer what I'm actively reading. I'm about halfway through the book despite the fact that I've only been reading it for a couple days and I have tons of schoolwork to do. But it's SO good! I stayed up three hours past my bedtime last night reading it and I know I'm gonna regret it but I'm gonna do the same thing again TONIGHT. 

A psychological thriller, The Girl on the Train is told through the perspectives of three women - Rachel, an alcoholic divorcee who was scorned by her cheating ex-husband Tom, Anna, the other-woman-turned-wife-and-mother, and Megan, neighbor to Anna and Tom. It's got the perfect of amounts of drama, suspense and mystery, and the main narrator, Rachel, is pretty unreliable.
That's ALWAYS fun.

Now I don't want to say much more about it because I'm bad at telling people what books are about without giving things away, and with a book like this you don't want much to be given away. It's been regarded as the next Gone Girl, has received rave reviews, and is being turned into a movie. If those things excite you, do not do any other research on it and just read it - unless you like spoilers, of course.

- Renee

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