Monday, December 14, 2015

Greetings 12.14.15

Happy Monday, everyone! It’s actually a happy one, because this is the last official day of classes for the fall 2015 semester! We made it, kids. Pat yourself on the back, and then look forward onto finals and try not to cry.

Seriously, though, if you need some last-minute assistance, we at 3416 Boylan have regular hours today, and then special finals week hours on Thursday the 17th and Tuesday the 22nd. Not the 18th, because that’s when Star Wars comes out, but that’s beside the point.

who the hell drew this
 Over winter break, make sure to take it easy, even if just for a little while. I know most of us are either doing intersession classes or working through the holiday – I’m definitely one of them – but it’s important to seize some time to relax. Marathon something silly on Netflix, eat a box of chocolates, listen to an album and enter a new phase in your life, take a bubble bath, look at the stars, write something! Next semester we’re publishing The Junction and we want your submissions: prose, poetry, art, photography, anything. The deadline is in March, but it’s never too early to send off your work to

On a more personal note, this is my last semester as an intern, and I’m actually glad I get to do these greetings one last time. Working at the office, writing these blog posts, meeting some of the best people I’ve met in my entire college career…it’s been nothing less than amazing. So thank you, dear readers and friends.

Happy holidays, no matter what you celebrate. I hope you can spend this season with somebody you care for; every moment you spend smiling in the company of someone who brings you comfort is precious. May those moments be many.

Here are some cute Christmas-themed animals for the road.

Aww...they're so sleepy...

Awwwww look at their little outfits!!


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