Monday, December 14, 2015

Illuminations 12.14.15

It's the end of the semester.

It's also the end of my tenure as an intern at 3416 Boylan. It feels weirdly unfinished, like I have more to write, more to do, more to think.

In a scant few weeks I'll be leaving for the UK. Studying and testing. Moving forward as life does. I'll be reporting back to my supervising thesis professor, tweaking ideas, writing my pages. But I'll no longer be coming into the office at 8:30am, to see Courtney's smiling face, with her ebullient personality and crazy "if you were an heirloom tomato, what color would you be"esque questions. I won't laugh at Chante teasing Alana, or Renee yelling "CHANTE!!" when she does it.

I won't tease Christian about his split personality.

I'll miss seeing Luis, discussing nail color and obscure LGBT fiction.

I'll not be sitting around discussing YouTube with Alex, or the ridiculousness of life with Mags. Alana will be in Europe as well, but we'll be divided by a channel. I'm going to force her to send me chapters of whatever she's writing.

My classically trained musician, Anna. I'll miss her soft-spoken wit. I will certainly miss Lisa's brilliant mind and on-point wardrobe.

But we've all of us grown, and are grateful.

Thank you, Professor Natov, for providing a group of overachieving and somewhat awkward misfits a safe space to be, create, learn, improve, and embrace what it is that makes us who we are. Your guiding hand and warm heart are gifts to all of us, and your breadth of knowledge is what each of us aspire to achieve. Thank you for being a kind mentor,  the voice of reason, and the glue that holds our ragtag band together.


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